90ML Movie Review New Point Routine Screenplay


Karthikeya came to the industry with a film like RX 100 and later made a mark with Guna 369. Now he has come up with 90 ML cinema. Karthikeya is now a young man with a rare illness who is not drinking alcohol.

The story:
Devadasu (Karthikeya) Authorized Drinker. Even if he does not drink alone, he dies. It is such a rare illness. This is why his parents are addicted to him. Devadas, who is so rare, loves the fragrance (Neha Solanki) that doesn't even smell the original. He looks at her and falls in love at first sight. She also likes Devadasu. But Devadasu knows the scent and loves him. But she starts to hate seeing Devadasu who does not drink for a day. It is at this point that a businessman named John Wick (Ravication) comes to love the scent. What did Devadas do at the time? The original story is the rest of the story.

Drinking the drug is known to be harmful to health. Director Shekhar Reddy thinks so.

He tried to tell his hero that if he did not drink, he would die. I took a new point, but the narrative just got older.

If our hero is a villain hit, our audiences can not tolerate .. And that is not a small thing to hit the hero.

Now, watching the 90 ML movie, it seemed to me. The hero is dead if he does not drink the drug... The point is new. But the story is very confused director Shekhar Reddy Yerra. Even if the point taken is a new approach, the approach is not impressive. The routine screenplay is boring on the spot. At least the story is good in RX 100 and Guna 369. But this time Karthikeya did not even focus on it.

The director has just dropped to the point where he said it, but the story is forgotten. Revision Character Director has no idea what he designed and did Edu .. .. Ajay appeared in scenes of the hero, but the hero kicks tinadanike Kartikeya authorship of three, but the story did not cooperate drink area performance .. .. .. Overall, 90 mL kick ekkakapoga brought an extra headache. The director has put in some stunning scenes in the film.

The scene with Devadasu's drug seems to be too ebb. Falstaff showed a little bit of its format but pulled the climax of a single scene in the second half to the climax.

Technical Team:
Music by Anoop Rubens Single single song is great. The rest of the songs weren't that impressive. Editing is very week. There is no other than secondhand stretching. Cinematography is no exception. There are good visuals. Even if the director's story is new, the story is very old. To sum up, the director bored the new point with an outdated screenplay.

Finally one last:
90 ML .. Kick not so much.

Rating: 2.25 / 5

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