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The rest of the film industry in the South has an understanding of Kannada movies. Kannada film to be released, but keep pan India as well as the quality of the film, there is also the director of the new update coming to prove that they're shooting movies. That is why now Kannada makers and actors are releasing their movies in other languages ​​too. Rakshit Shetty movie, which is titled 'Avane Sreemannarayana' in Kannada, is also a pan Indian movie. The film, which has already been released in Kannada and seems to be a super hit, has been released in Telugu under the name 'Athade Srimannarayana'. How is this movie ?, let's see how it has impressed Telugu audiences.

The story:
A batch of playwright Amravati runs away with a treasure trove. However, Rama Rama, the leader of a tribe called Abheri who has blocked them, kills them for treasure. But when they die, the treasure cannot be found. Fifteen years later, Abhayri leader Rama Rama too dies. However, his eldest son Jayarama becomes the leader of the kingdom. But he pledges to the throne until he finds out where the treasure is. But in the same time, Srimannarayana comes to Amaravathi as SI. He says that at one point Jayarama will find the treasure and hand him over to the survivor from close quarters. And as Srimannarayana says, find the treasure? What is Jayarama's relationship with Srimannarayana? How did that treasure mystery come out when the group of plays died? Things like movies need to know.

How is the movie ...?
Though Rakshit Shetty is not fully known to Telugu lovers, his name is known to some people due to the success of his 'Kirik Party' in the past. This is the story of the movie Rakshit Shetty, the director, handed over to Sachin Ravi with seven other writers.

No matter what the story is, the setup chosen for this movie is quite new. The film's backdrop is also one place after another. Aruvathi is a cowboy movie. Amaravathi, a police station in the city, is the same.

To understand the story of the pony, we are disconnected from the film because of the lags in the film. But Panna Indian film to be missing in Syunik ness.

Rakshit Shetty's Kannada fan following and some of the nativity scenes associated with the film is a burden for the rest of the audience. Until the first half, the story is nothing but a story. 'Why is he named and how is his treasure hunt going? Here, too, the film is a somewhat interesting as well as tailor-untundikani sagadisaruika editing the film, but also, in accordance with the screenplay for the screen to test the patience of the audience is going to be confusion. Sachin Ravi who directed the film is the editor of the film.

But the moves to buy the treasure in the pre-climax are good. What happens again in the climax? Again, this seems to be a bit of a hassle. Ranikhet Shetty is the writer of the film, so he has taken on the role he is playing. That means the familiar faces throughout the film are also p Daga appear.

As the story goes on, the story goes on and the nativity is causing difficulties, 'Athade Srimannarayana' is a very heavy film and the filmmakers feel that the music of the kirik party. India cinema is so well spent, Esau.

Overall, the film should be a huge budget and a bit of a novelty, but the content of it should be understandable to him, ”he said.

However, the film's producers have become safer because the film was released in Kannada before it was a hit.

Otherwise, this time Rakshit Shetty's face has also been introduced to Telugu people, so the market for releasing any pre-Universal Point films here is open.

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