Screenplay of an Indian Love Story Movie Review In 3Movierulz


Release Date: March 06, 2020 Rating: 2.25 / 5

Cast: Vikram Shiva - Pragathi yadati, KL Prasad.

Directed by: KL Prasad

Producers: Dr. Arunakumari

Music: MA Sreelekha

Cinematographer: MV Raghu

Editor: Rajesh Fani

Movie screenplay produced by Dr. Arunakumari on the flag of Budugu Bujji Films. Tagline is an Indian love story. KL Prasad, best known as a script doctor in industry circles, made his debut as a director. He is also an important character. Vikram Siva - Pragati Yadati The hero and heroine of the movie is released today. Let's go back to the review of the film and the extent to which the audience is impressed.

Gautam (Vikram Siva), a student leader, also inspires classmates with revolutionary ideas. He questions the injustice of society. Radhika (Pragati Yadati), whose feelings inspired his thoughts, loves him. Gautam also loves her as a sincer. The two get married. To this end, Gautam is best known as a commercial filmmaker.

However, he makes good money by making films that are contrary to his ambitions. Radhika, however, does not like the work he is doing for his films and money. Radhika decides to part with him before his marriage disappears. He wants to divorce him. Radhika, however, takes her to an uninvited guest house, hoping to change her to give her a chance one day.

 What are the things that have taken place between them? Among whom Bhupathi (KL Prasad) why he did that? What are his problems? Was Radhika Gautam one or the other? If you want to know such things on the silver screen.

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Plus Points:
Pragathi Yadati, who played the lead role in the film, was a highlight of the film as she was impressed with her realistic acting. She is particularly good in the emotional scene as well as in the climax with Sean, who is killing his daughter. Plays a key role in the KL Prasad also played very well. His performance in the scene, as well as his reveal about the hero, is a special attraction for the film.

Vikram Siva, who plays the hero in the movie, is a novel concept. He performed particularly well in his dialogue delivery and his body language as well as some sequences. Also, the director is impressed with his directorial performance in some scenes. The scenes in the interval and pre-climax of the film seem to be too.

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Minus Points:
Interest KL Prasad director wrote in the article that the lack of a large, unnecessary lag over several scenes of the film with the audience on sagatiyadanto diluting the interest. On the whole, the director was unable to put the film's introducing elements. I worked over but ran the film with family scenes that were not as interesting as Play.

There are many instances where the original film is now able to elevate a painful content and tension into what it is now… the director diversifies the film with scenes that don't have much content. The audience feels very bored as the film repeatedly repeats the same thing without any twists.

It would be nice if only three characters, okay location, would have kept the film off the board. Also, if you pay close attention to the script and the production values.

Technical Section:
In some places are talking about the director of technical experts .. ok .. the full extent akattukolekapoyaru KL Prasad. Music by MA Sreelekha is good. The background music is great. If the editor had unnecessarily scripted unnecessary scenes, the film would have reduced the bore. The cinematography work in the film is good. Some of the visuals are very natural as well as very beautiful. No longer is the production values ​​practiced by the producer.

The screenplay, along with the tagline "An Indian Love Story", was an impression of the film's storyline, but the film did not impress. The film is slow and boring. However, the director made a good effort to make the film emotional between the three characters. But the film was not impressive.


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