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Amrutharamam is the movie that came under review during the lockdown. Amrutharamam is an emotional love entertainer with Ram Mittikanti as the hero and Amita Ranganath as the heroine. The film was released today on the OTT platform Zee5. Let's go back to the review to see how well it impresses the audience!

Amita (Amita Ranganath) is coming to Australia to do Masters. Ram (Ram Mittikanti), who has already been in Australia for five years and is trying to get a job, goes to receive Amrita. At first glance, Amrita falls in love with Ram. Ram also falls in love with Sligo Amrita. They both fall in love. What happened between the two then? How did Ram misunderstand Amrita's love? How did the confrontation between the two stars? How did one get away from each other? How did you meet again? Finally, how did one get together? How did their love story finally turn out? If you want to know more about this movie.

What's Good:

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Amrutharamam says that the new director Surender Feel is not trying to mesmerize with the good love story but to attempt to tell the story already. Surender seems to be a director in some love scenes as well as in the climax. Ram Mittikanti, who plays the hero, is well-known for his looks and acting. But if his role is still strong he would be a plus.

Amita Ranganath was also impressed with her performance as well as her glamor. Apart from the love scenes, Amita Ranganath has also given her performance in some emotional scenes. The actor, who plays the older brother of the heroine's friend, was also impressed with his performance.

The rest of the cast also performed well in their respective roles. The music provided by SS Press in the film is a plus. His background music is also impressive in some scenes. The editing is also good. The editor maneuvered with his editing without increasing the film's length.

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What's not better:

There is a good storyline about Pure Love in the film, but there are not enough storylines to make the line so complete. Amrita meets Ram and falls in love with him. Even though we have corrected that age is the cause of love for him... The question of what qualities of the hero of falling in love, we do not arise.

There are no strong reasons for the romance between hero heroines. The mood of the heroine is also an indication of her weakness.

Similarly, the hero is a weak character (Ram) who cannot understand love in the Favor of Heroine (Amrita). Why the original Ram hated Amrita so much, and why he loves Amrita Ram so much that the director is nowhere to be effective.

There is no strong conflict anywhere in the film. Even the love scenes that accompany it are not quite as impressive. If the director still pays attention to the script, the movie will be reachable even for those who love the drama.

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As the last word:

Love is not a one-for-one, but a feeling of being one-on-one with the director trying to convey this emotional love drama. However, some of the love scenes and emotional moments between the heroine's feel-good climax. But the film is boring due to the lack of intrusive stretching screenplay and the boring treatment and lack of contact that can be valued. Otherwise, the Lovers will love some aspects of the movie. Overall, the film does not appeal to all genres.


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