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Prashant Verma's first 'Aha!' He is a talented young director who has won a national award with his film. After that movie, he directed the movie Kalki where Rajasekhar became the hero. However, the film did not go as well as expected. Recently, Prashant Verma created his third film with a new concept. Zombie movies are new in Telugu. However, such movies are very common in Hollywood.

Teja Sajja played the hero in this movie. Teja, who has done many films as a child actor, is now making an entry as a hero with this film. Teja, who did a lot of films as a child, acted with Samantha in the movie O Baby. The upcoming Zombie Reddy trailer is also impressive. Prashant Verma directed the movie Zombie Reddy with Corona in the background. The director also added a faction background to it. The comedy also worked out as the film came in the thriller genre.

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Mario designs a game with his team. However, the game will not play correctly as the code in that game is not correct. While his friend and team member who wrote the code in that game is getting married in Kurnool .. the hero goes to Kurnool with his team. However, due to a small incident on the way, the hero friend is exposed to the zombie. After that, after some dramatic developments, everyone becomes a zombie. How does the hero finally escape from those zombies? Also, how did he turn those zombies back into ordinary human beings again? That is the rest of the story.

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Plus points:

How much trouble do people get when they get strange diseases like the zombie virus caused by secret poisoning experiments? Also, the concept of how people infected with the virus behaves in the film, along with the interesting elements of the film seems to be okay with the elastic drama. Teja, who played the hero in this movie, acted very well to suit his role. Especially in the zombie scenes and sequences as well as in the scene where the heroine is saved and in some horror and emotional scenes.

Anandi who acted as the heroine acted very well. Impressed with his acting in some complex zombie action scenes and some emotional scenes. Also, the actors who acted as villains performed well with their majestic acting. Similarly, Harshavardhan, Hariteja, and the rest of the cast, who have played other key roles, are also impressed with their performance. The director, on the other hand, shot the film with a good point, adding fiction to today's situation and showing the problems of strange diseases. Mainly it is good to write the play so that each character blends into the story.

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Technical Department:

Speaking of the technical department related to this film the music provided by the music director is impressive. The cinematography is good. Most of the scenes in the film are very realistic, and the visuals are stunning with good visuals. However, if the editor had reduced the stretching scenes in the movie, especially if he had trimmed some scenes in the pre-climax and zombie scenes, it would have been a great plus for the movie. The producers built this film without compromising anywhere. The architectural values ​​are very good. Although director Prashant Verma was impressed with his good storyline as well as good taking, he could not write the right story.

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‘Zombie Reddy’ came along with some impressive elements in the film as well as some tracks and some zombie horror scenes that are well taken and intriguing. If not a regular comedy, routine horror elements may seem boring in some places but overall the audience will like this movie.


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